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Woodvale Primary Academy


Science at Woodvale Primary Academy:

We believe that our pupils deserve to benefit from a strong foundational knowledge of all three aspects of the Science curriculum: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

We want our pupils to aspire to achieve their goals and by offering a well-rounded Science curriculum, we hope that this will allow our pupils to have access to whichever area that their interest lies. 

We want our pupils to be able to use the knowledge and skills they gain in Science to confidently talk about ‘what is occurring, predict how things will behave and analyse causes’ (National Curriculum 2014) and then use these skills in the wider world. 

When looking at the content of the Science curriculum we believe that a thorough knowledge base of how all living organisms operate as well as a deep understanding of different materials and types of energy, will hopefully foster a need in our pupils to care for the world around them.

In our school, we believe that our children deserve a curriculum that is rooted in rich learning experiences that develop knowledge and skills, where connections are made between and within subjects and where each discipline is given equal status. 

We use the National Curriculum alongside the Cornerstones Curriculum, which offers the children lots of opportunity for hands-on practical experiences.