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Woodvale Primary Academy

Our Curriculum

Our vision is 'Everyone Thriving' and at the heart of Woodvale Primary Academy’s curriculum is a belief that all children are able to achieve and that all children are entitled to an exceptional and ambitious curriculum. A curriculum that is rooted in rich learning experiences that develop knowledge and skills, where connections are made between and within subjects and where each discipline is given equal status.

Our learners experience sit at the heart of our curriculum to ensure that everything offered is to support and prepare them for school, work and life. We recognise the value in providing discrete subject teaching which meets the requirements of the Primary National Curriculum. Where appropriate, some aspects of the curriculum draw on published schemes of work which we have adpated such as Kapow and White Rose Maths. 

Our curriculum is rooted in 3 key drivers which we believe are crucial to our context:-

Oracy - we recognise and value the impact that discussion and effective communication has on children and their learning. There are clear links with educational success, career opportunities and life chances
Diversity - we are proud of our place amongst a diverse local community and we promote inclusivity, acceptance and representation. Our curriculum includes studies of a range of places and people both local and world wide, of different nationalities, time periods and from a range of backgrounds and experiences. 
Social Intelligence - we believe that being respectful, understanding and accepting of different ways of life is an important skill to have. Developing empathy for others will enable our children to have the best chance of success.