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Woodvale Primary Academy


History at Woodvale Primary Academy 

At Woodvale, we pride ourselves on making our history curriculum fit our children and our community. We understand that we have a diverse community with a diverse background and aim to use as much of the knowledge and national pride that comes with that.  

We underpin all our learning with the National Curriculum objectives for each Key Stage but have a tailored curriculum that guides the children through time, making links to the local area, it’s people and also to their own home countries and languages. We try to make the children aspirational by telling them about famous places and people from Northamptonshire, instilling a sense of pride in the area and also aspirations that they too could become a scientist or athlete who influences people in the future. We have so much history in our local area, from the earliest times of Stone Age settlements, through Roman villas, Tudor and Victorian houses and on to more recent history such as the evacuees of World War Two. We aim to harness this local element, making trips out or inviting visitors in to make history come alive for our children.  

In Key Stage One, history is based around childhood days, school and influential people from the past. Key Stage 2 go back to the earliest times, starting at the Stone Age before winding their way through  the years to the relative modern history of World War Two, making many interesting stops along the way. Units are designed to make links between curriculum areas, for example studying famous artists of the past in art or famous scientists through a science project. 

When they leave Woodvale, we want our children to understand that history is something that they are involved in and making, not something that goes on around them.