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Woodvale Primary Academy

About Us

Welcome to Woodvale Primary Academy. We are a large, modern primary school situated in East Northampton where our pupils are hardworking, feel safe and enjoy learning in a happy and supportive environment.

Our aim is “Everyone Thriving” and at the heart of what we do is enabling your child to be the best that they can be. We believe that children are thriving when they are happy, motivated, growing and successful. We work hard to ensure that your child has the very best education possible during their time with us so that they leave as knowledgeable, confident learners who are able to build on their successes in the future. I feel very proud to lead a staff team who are focussed on your child achieving their very best.

Our school is underpinned by 3 values that we believe are the keys to everyone thriving and that we ask all members of the school community to follow:-

  • We strive - this value relates to trying our best, to challenging ourselves showing perseverance and resilience.
  • We support - this value relates to supporting each other, working as a team, building effective relationships and supporting those who need it most to thrive.
  • We succeed - we believe that success leads to increased motivation and so we celebrate success in all its forms and we value achievement and accomplishment.

We recognise the importance that good relationships have on your child’s achievement, not only between pupils and staff but also between parents, carers and the academy. To this end, we aim to involve you in as many aspects of your child’s education as possible.

Our pupils are our greatest strength and I warmly invite you to experience this by arranging a visit to the academy to see it in action.

I look forward to welcoming you soon

Matthew Reetz


The Academy is sponsored by the Greenwood Academies Trust (GAT) who currently has 37 open academies educating over 18,000 pupils across seven local authority areas including Nottingham City, Nottinghamshire, Leicester City, West Northamptonshire, North Northamptonshire, Peterborough, and Lincolnshire.

To find out more about the Trust click here.